Логотип ООО Димарк Demarkdesign
DEMARKDESIGN is an expert company in the field of professional branding, strategic marketing and graphic design. Working at high professional level in such strategic areas as:

Brand consulting. Create a brand within the "product branding" requires special attention to the quality of product identity, including logo creation, design, trademark design, corporate identity, largely predetermine the knowledge of the brand, which create loyalty to the target audience. The adjustment strategy of positioning and visual identity of the brand at every stage of its development.
Professional naming.
Design logo of the brand. Based on the principle of absolute individuality, we create original Identity, creating high-quality naming, logo design and trademark design, corporate identity on the basis of an illustrative, copyright approach, improving the aesthetic perception of brand image and distancing itself from its competitors.
Corporate Identity. A significant competence of the company DEMARKDESIGN is the professional development of corporate identity in conjunction with the integration of interior and exterior solutions, that allows to save a corporate Identity constant, reflecting a single brand identity in an office and commercial space. In the area of corporate branding we creating high-quality solutions, offering an effective strategy for positioning the brand, custom-designed logo and corporate identity, that consistently reflect the leadership, credibility and prospects of cooperation with the company. Efficient design of image and advertising communications. Combining multi-faceted knowledge and experience of talented professionals we create strong brands with high competitiveness and future development strategy in the priority sectors of the market, that achieve the most ambitious business goals.